Woman finds missing cat hiding in abandoned church – after she saw it there in a DREAM

Woman finds missing cat hiding in abandoned church – after she saw it there in a DREAM

A woman says she found her lost pet cat in a disused church – after she had a dream it was trapped there.

Nikki Myring-Thomas, 50, was frantic with worry when her three-year-old tortoiseshell moggy Inka went missing for four days.

The mum-of-two from Talybont, Wales, said the cat vanished on September 10.

After days of worrying that she had been run over, Nikki was unable to locate her and fearing the worst.

But vet administrator Nikki then says she had a dream Inka was trapped inside a nearby church – which is no longer open to the public.

She went straight there in the morning and spotted the cat behind a window.

She said: ”I had this dream that Inka was locked in St David’s Church that overlooks our estate.

“I woke up at about 4am and thought that was a bit weird and then just fell back asleep.

“When I got up that day though to take my whippet out walking, I thought I’d just check that church because it’s disused – so nobody would notice her.

“I noticed that a little window in the back was broken, and this church is old with big thick walls.

“I just called her name into the window, and lo and behold I could just hear this little meowing coming from inside.

”I just immediately knew it was my cat.

“I called her name again and suddenly she jumped up onto the window of the church and I could just see her through the leaded glass.

“It was just a real premonition that I saw she was in that church. I got a bit tearful about it at the time. It was just really really strange.

“If I hadn’t had that dream, I wouldn’t have thought to go and check out the church.

”I’d have never heard her from the road and she’d never have escaped without help.

“I might have a sixth sense or maybe the witch side of me came out.”

Inka soon ‘demolished’ a bowl of food and is said to be recovering well from her ordeal.

Nikki added: “Everyone at work just finds the whole thing very weird.

”They just can’t believe that my dream turned out to be true – but no word of a lie, I dreamt she was there. It’s a bit of a freaky one.”